Episode 104 Part 3
Starring the following model:
"Naked, Naughty and Gunged"

Harmony Reigns enjoyed her first gunging so much that she's stripped off and sat back in the tank and talks enthusiastically about how turned on the gunge made her. She starts to masturbate but as she starts to cum, down comes the gunge getting her even more hot and horny.The yellow gunge completely covers Harmony and she takes great delight in rubbing it over her massive breasts. She starts to masturbate again providing a running commentary about how turned on she is. She was enjoying herself so much we gave her another load of gunge, this time a shade of turquoise which slowly pours over her and she loves it. If you like your ladies to talk filthy, get filthy and very messy then you'll love this! Have some vidcaps.

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