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You may or may not like it!
Watching Jess West getting slimed, is always enjoyable to watch.

So, in this short 5 minute video, you won't be disappointed. As, she get slimed in a gunge tank.
-Wheelchairman    10/28/22    
Roxy gunged in green in red.
More Roxy being gunged. This time in green and red. Once again, as with the part 1 video, the first gunging is my preferred one because she gets a nice coating of green gunge all over her hair without looking up, second time around she does look up, some decent aftermath when she cleans off her face though.
-GungedHairFan    9/6/22    
Roxy in gunge is nice.
This is a pretty great scene. The first yellow gunging Roxy takes is the one I prefer because it doesn't go all over her face right away and she kind of hides behind her hair which is hot. There is a lot of face coverage in this, which is a bit of a downer for me, I might have rated it lower, but Roxy is super cute, and the video is cheap enough. Not the greatest quality, but it is an older video, and like I said the price is cheap.
-GungedHairFan    9/6/22    
Great Open Legged footage--shame about replays but still fab
I really liked the scene--Eve and Lotti are great and I was drawn the scene particularly as it was clear there was lots of 'open legged' footage, something which I wish there was more of in Messymayhem (Splat the cat was most excellent).

Perhaps the only negative is that there are a lot of replays interceded throughout the footage and it really (for me at least) disturbs the flow of the video. I'd rather have the slow-mo highlights reel tagged onto the end.

I've got more scenes from Messymayhem in my collection than I can remember and truthfully, this sits fairly high on the list. I'm planning on downloading 'part 2' next week!

Keep up the great work (and the open-legged shoots!)

-JohnnyD    5/28/21    
Beautiful girl laughing and smiling while being gunged.
A stunningly beautiful girl who gets covered in gunge and clearly enjoys doing so; she laughs a lot, so much that the cameraman jokes "it's a good job we're not playing 'don't laugh or you'll lose' today!"--one of their games which features in other videos. I particularly like her boobs--the first lot of gunge (dark green) mostly pours between them, and the second lot of gunge (yellow) mostly pours over her head and then over her boobs. She rubs up and down her boobs, stomach and upper legs several times while the gunge is falling, so you get to see them 'cleaned' and then covered in gunge again repeatedly. I don't know whether she does that to put on a show for the camera or simply because she enjoys the feeling, but either way, it's quite a sight to behold. This video isn't hd, but in my opinion, that doesn't take much away from it in terms of actual enjoyment--and I think the high-resolution photo set (a separate item to buy in this store) more than compensates for that.
-mattmess    1/2/21    
Beautiful girl enjoying a huge first time gunging
A very beautiful girl who looks great both before and after being covered in gunge (which I like the pink colour of, and the accompanying splashing and splattering sounds). In this case it's her first time, she's nervous at first, and she expresses surprise at the huge quantity of gunge, but clearly appears to enjoy herself--to quote her at the end: "I'll definitely come back and see you again, this was really really fun."
-mattmess    1/2/21    
A pretty girl enjoying a huge gunging.
Having previously seen Rhianna in some swimsuit and Spandex modelling videos (for Shinysales), I was pleased to also find her here. She looks equally stunning with gunge covering her and pouring down her, and seems to enjoy herself. An amusing part is that for some of the first deluge of gunge (there are two in the video), she positions her head so that the gunge lands directly on top, which when combined with the high speed at which it's falling, makes most of it shoot off sideways forming a sort of 'canopy' or 'umbrella'. I also like the pink colour, and the splattering sounds.
-mattmess    1/2/21    
Rock paper scissors Gunge Great game!
Great scene, love both kc and Splaterpuss. Both are super cute Wont ruin who the winner is but Its a mega gunging for them and its is super hot to see both lovely ladies covered in gunge.
-mhop    6/22/20    
A very sexy video, with a fun bonus.
Fantastic video! The outtakes at the end are worth it all on their own. Not to overlook the main part of the video, of course, cause it's so sexy and great. But yeah, the outtakes bit did not play out quite like I had anticipated, and it's so fun. And Maria's reactions are what makes her the very kind of wonderfully special that she is.
-clue1    1/2/19    
It's all about the model
The usp with Bob's output is that you always know where you are. The models play a silly game to decide who gets gunged, and the loser strips naked to sit in the tank and receive two gungings. The format's the same, time after time. Therefore, on his site, more than any other, it's all about the model. And in this scene, he's unearthed a gem.

Auburn-haired Tylah, with her pale freckly skin, gets a 10/10 from me just by sitting there; her look has always turned my knees to jelly from a hundred yards. Add that she's cute and utterly adorable, and I just had to have this scene and accompanying photo set. There's a token attempt at trigger-words once she's sat in the tank, but it's the thinnest of contrivances. You know Tylah's going to get gunged--twice and of course she does. She takes them pretty well. I wasn't entirely sure she liked it after the first one, but she warms to it and seems to be enjoying herself by the time the second batch of goo covers her.

It strikes me that Tylah's got the girl-next-door sweetness the Moomins like so much, so I'd love to see her in a shoot for them. Even just imagining her covered in their pies, or dropped in their mud dunk, is exciting. However, that's speculation. For now, I can see she's already done another shoot for Bob since this one. Let's hope there are more to come. Tylah's gorgeous x.
-moreslime    7/13/18    
Bondage chair Love anything with bondage
This has been one of my favorite clips for a long time. Rachel's is one of the best and her reactions to the slime is amazing. I would like to see more chair bondage or pillory scenes. I will buy them.
-Messytime_Man    4/3/18    
More mayhem
The greed factor has always made for fun gunge games over the years and it works well here too. It's a fun scene with lots of interaction between the girls long after the game ends!
-iain-ecgunge    1/8/17    
Mayhem indeed!
There is a game, and a winner and loser here, but it is worth buying the clip for the what happens next bit which involves fits of giggles all round and gunge everywhere!
-iain-ecgunge    1/8/17    
Fun game
Its a fun homage to probably the most squirm-inducing section on gyob, that opportunity to avoid the gunge, albeit via a quiz that is relatively simple, if you're not poised for a drop in the slop! The only criticism is that the girls are too nice when dishing out the gunge!
-iain-ecgunge    1/7/17    
Good game good game
A very silly scene from the early days of Messy Mayhem, it says a lot when the rules explanation takes longer than the game, but that's not really the point, it's a very fun scene with two playful models being silly and one of them getting gunged in a very nice manner.
-iain-ecgunge    1/7/17    
Gorgeous Geordie cops it.
The legendary inflatable bondage chair is the star of the show here as the gorgeous cute Rachelle is strapped in for a great gunging. She seems pretty upset about it, but takes her punishment like a trooper. A reluctant but good natured recipient of the gunge (I'll definitely seek out some of her other scenes).

Plenty of gunge, gorgeous victim and the usual Messy Mayhem sense of sexy fun and games.
-ht123    1/7/15    
Fun and sexy
Great girls, great gunge and great boobies! Both girls where very sexy and very fun. Really enjoyable!
-sewersyd    1/28/11    
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