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Annie is a good friend of Annabelle's she'e got a wicked sense of humour and is prone to fits of the giggles.Tagged female
Bundle: Inflatable Bondage Chair Bundle
Added 7/14/19    6800 views
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It's big, it's black and it's got restraints! Our inflatable bondage chair was very popular with fans but less so with the girls who ended up strapped into it, helpless and covered in gunge. It's victims included Annabelle, Kitten, Tindra, Rachelle,...
Episode 59 Part 1
Added 7/13/14    2294 views
Gorgeous Annie is topless and rather nervous as she has to talk on the subject that Annabelle gives her and avoid saying the related triggerword. Should she say it Ezi is on hand with the bucket to give Annie an immediate gunging without warning. H...
Episode 59 Part 2
Added 7/13/14    2146 views
Annie and Ezi are back one last time to have a game of Gunge Bingo. This is exactly like Bingo as played by pensioners for money down the local bingo hall. Well apart from that it's not for money, played by young fit, sexy girls, contains nudity and...
Episode 49 Part 1
Added 11/10/13    4536 views
We very much enjoy claiming the WAM cherry of a nervous beautiful young girl and this is exactly what we did here but which one? Annie, with long dark wavy hair and green bikini, is a good friend of Annabelle's. She has a wicked sense of humour and...
Episode 49 Part 2
Added 11/10/13    4133 views
It's the return of our infamous and ever popular prop the inflatable bondage chair but who to stick in it, Annie or Ezi? To decide we have invented a new game! Well I say new, if you're a fan of "Mastermind" then well... you'll probably hate this!...
Episode 49 Part 3
Added 11/10/13    3058 views
Ezi has been having a rough time of it of late, getting gunged twice and ending up in the inflatable bondage chair which Annie left her strapped into and left her. Annie is very sorry about this, you can tell by the way she laughs uncontrollably abo...

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